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Cooking Round the World is delighted to be able to offer your children engaging, fun and delicious online classes.

An online class includes map education, fun facts about the country or state selected, a slide show showing cultural nuances, cooking 1 dish representative of the country or state, and ending with a lively rendition of a country’s folktale. Most online classes are under 1-hour long.

You can “try out” a class about Colombia for free and thereafter sign up for a package of 3 classes for $30; a package of 5 classes for $40; and a package of 10 classes for $75.

Instructions: Please select the country bundle to purchase. After selecting the countries, please complete the form provided. Once the form is completed and payment has been accepted, you will receive a message with the links to the classes. Please follow these links to Vimeo to receive the full class with a recipe print out.

Leaning Objectives:

  • Exposure to various countries, their geography, and cultural nuances

  • A new appreciation of cultural differences

  • A cooking lesson that is step by step geared to a child’s ability

  • An excitement and newly found confidence to cook delicious international foods

  • Familiarity with diverse ingredients, spices, and flavors

  • Worldliness


Parent Involvement:

            While these videos are child friendly, there are safety issues an adult needs to be mindful of in supporting their children’s leaning. We encourage children to follow along with the cooking demonstration, however, it’s important for an adult to take care of these practices: placing items in and out of the oven, using a large sharp knife to cut difficult things, emptying a pot with hot water, turning on/off the oven and the stove if your child is under 10 years old, and handling hot items.

To note: These videos were made with love and good intentions. Miss Mindy is NOT a professional actor; she is an educator.


Try out your FREE Colombia class HERE

Pre-recorded Online Classes 

3 Class Package - $30

(By clicking on the 3 class package, you will have access to those 3 classes)

5 Class Package - $40

(By clicking on the 5 class package, you will have access to those 5 classes)

Cooking Round the World Online Summer Camps

Pre-Recorded Non-Live Sumer Camp

A Cooking Round the World online summer camp includes geography education, fun facts about the country, a cooking demo, a slide show about cultural nuances, cooking 3 dishes representative of the country (downloadable recipes included), a slide show about a child’s life from the country, and ending with a lively rendition of a country’s folktale. There are 5 videos per week, each lasting up to 2 hours each. Each week of camp is $100. You may not pay for individual days. 

Benefits of a Recorded Non-Live Camp:

·         Your child can watch the camp at any time

·         All children in your household can watch for the same price

·         Your children can watch again in the month

·         They can start and stop the recording if need be

·         If they lose attention they can circle back later

·         They can cook along with the recording…. Or not

·         Your children will get educational teachings that would not necessarily be do-able with a live recording, like educational slide shows

Purchase Week 1:

Cuba: Potato Rellenos with cream cheese, sour cream, bacon dipping sauce; Cuban Pineapple Rice; Chocolate Coffee Opera Cake

Israel: Falafel in pita with toppings and tahini dressing; butternut squash and cranberry couscous; Israeli coffee cake

Finland: Onion and bacon pie with a homemade crust; strawberry, apple sauce; marbled chocolate tiger cake

South Africa: Butternut squash fritters; Buttermilk rusk biscuits; Hertzoggies: apricot filled cream puffs

Vietnam: Vegetarian wontons with crushed tofu, scallions and water chestnuts; rice noodle salad with fresh mint, cucumbers and

carrots; Vietnamese lemon meringue Cookies


Purchase Week 2:

Greece: Spinach and feta spanakopita; Greek Pastitsio: a baked ziti lasagna; Greek snowball cookies with orange extract

Morocco: Moroccan egg shakshuka; Chicken Tajine with Carrots and Lemons; Lemon cake with a lemon zest glaze

Syria: Chicken fattti with rice in a yogurt tahini sauce; Syrian Salad with Lemon, Mint and Garlic; Syrian plum bread with vanilla yogurt

Thailand: Pad See Ew with broccolini, chicken and tofu in a pungent Thai sauce; fresh spring rolls; Frosted coconut cake

Jamaica: Carrot and Sweet potato Casserole; Black bean burgers; Deep, Rich Chocolate Cake from Negril

Live Zoom Online Summer Camp

Your child will enjoy each camp day with varying themes. Camp days include a story, cooking demonstration, cooking 2 dishes that are theme related, and ending with a lively trivia game. So fun and yum!


Cooking is child-friendly. Chef Stacey’s teaching pace is geared towards a child’s understanding.  Recipes are emailed 1 week prior so ingredients can be purchased. Cooking along with Chef Stacey is optional.


Timing: M – F, from 10 am – 11:30 am PST

Cost $120/week. After registering you will be emailed a link for the week’s zoom classes.


June 15 - 19: A Dish of Disney

Campers will cook, eat and have fun with Disney characters and movies: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Matilda,  Lady and the Tramp…. More! The day includes a trivia game, and a Disney story.

June 22 - 26: Regions of Italy

Each Italian regions has its own specialties. We will “visit” Campania. Emilia-Romangna, Toscana, Abruzzo, and Venetto and cook and eat dishes each region is known for. Delizioso!

June 29 – July 3: Celebrity Chefs

TV Network Celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, Gordon Ramsey, Giada DeLaurentiis, and Ree Drummond all have their signature dishes. We will recreate those dishes and learn how these TV chefs became stars!

July 6 - 10: A Plate of Pixar

Children will enjoy a different favorite Pixar movie AND the foods mentioned in films like Ratatouille, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and others! Kids learn awesome cooking skills through daily demos, and other activities like a Pixar themed trivia game and a story.

July 13 - 17: Harry Potter: Taste the Magic!

Campers will enjoy Hogwarts culinary delights, as well as a Harry Potter story, and trivia game show!

July 20 - 24: Pizza Mania

If your child is a pizza hound, this is the week for them! Pizza’s Round the World, will make 2 different pizzas each day!

July 27 - 31: Eat Your Colors

Green, Brown, Yellow, White, Red. Each camp day focuses on a new color – from the foods we cook and eat, to the stories and activities – the color dominates the day’s fun!

Aug 3 - 7: Peace Through Food

This camp looks at the conflict between warring countries and discusses how peace could be brought about. We cook and eat foods from both countries in an effort to show how breaking bread could bring about harmony.

Aug 10 - 14: Regions of China

Each Chinese region has its own unique set of recipes including different spices. Campers will explore the various cooking styles and offerings from several Chinese  regions.


Safety and Sanitation:

Children should watch this free video before cooking

Miss Mindy would love to hear from you! Send photos and comments for a FREE t-shirt! She will answer everyone!  

Cooking Round the World is a nut-free program. We use no peanuts or tree nuts in any recipe. 

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